This Is Me (I Think)

Hey! Welcome to my first ever blog and first ever time blogging! This oughta be interesting…

I am a 38 year old woman who is coming up on her 5th year of sobriety. I’ve recently started university, have two stepdaughters, a common law spouse and a dog named Copper. I have chronic migraines, battle depression and anxiety and all sorts of other quirks

Why decide to write a blog rather than keep a journal? Well, life is entertaining, heartbreaking, amazing, awful, full of joy and full of struggle, and many, many more things. What I’ve found in my journey is that talking out loud about it is healing and finding another person who gets it is validating and makes us feel a little less alone in a sea of people.

The struggle is real. The feelings (ewww) are real. Life is real. I just want to talk about it. If someone out there can identify with me, or get a laugh, or cry with me, or just gets it, then I’ve accomplished what I’m looking to accomplish. I’m writing this for all of us who struggle (and win!) and just want to share my version of my story. My mind works a little differently, maybe yours does too?

#addiction #depression #life #women #stepparent #maturestudent #recovery #gratitude #humour #anxiety

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